Online Safety Course

Smarter Balance Survey Link


CEE Survey Link


  • This is your portal and a great way to get to STAR, AR, and Google docs.

For your Presentations

Library Catalog

  • Here you can look up books, but also access all the other cool learning tools Mrs. Underwood showed you in the library!]

Google Apps

  • This is your district email, a word processing program, and a place to build your own website!
  • You will need your student number to log-in and your password is the first four letters of your last name, two digit birth month, and two digit birth day.

Geddit!.com – Computerized questions and quizzes (if you’re a teacher and want to learn how to use this, come see Mr. S).

Typing Tutor! (This is for Mr. Stafki’s class. ┬áTeachers: I would be glad to help you set up an account.)

  • This program will help you increase your typing speed!
  • Only students whose teacher has set up an account should log in the following way:
    • username is your student number
    • password: your initials

Brian’s Winter Book Club

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